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Who is Sound Watch Magazine?

IN A WORLD WHERE PRINT MEDIA is losing favor, we’re the
counteraction to that trend. We like texture: texture in pages that
turn, as well as texture in lifestyles that turn heads and hearts.

We’re not like other local publications and are determined to prove that.
We’re curious about what makes up the underlying fabric of our
community and intend to lift back the veil with our editorial content to explore the community around us on a deeper, more intimate level. We aim to be the go-to for local happenings, for interviews with our many exciting neighbors, for intriguing articles, and for so
much more.

Our Apr/May issue is in your mailbox, if you missed it,

click below for full online version or reach out to us for a copy.

SWN Advertiser

The ad looks excellent and I have gotten a lot of strong feedback. The magazine is great – going to be a hit for sure.” 

What our READERS and ADVERTISERS are saying

SWN advertiser, Darien

“Very impressed with the first issue...great content and concept. Glad to be part of the launch and continued success.”

Potential SWN advertiser

“Super awesome. Haven't read a print copy magazine cover to cover in many moons and read every word of your first issue!”

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