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Who is Sound Watch News

IN A WORLD WHERE PRINT MEDIA is losing favor, we’re the
counteraction to that trend. We like texture: texture in pages that
turn, as well as texture in lifestyles that turn heads and hearts.

We’re not like other local publications and are determined to prove that.

We’re curious about what makes up the underlying fabric of our
community and intend to lift back the veil with our editorial content to explore the community around us on a deeper, more intimate level. We aim to be the go-to for local happenings, for interviews with our many exciting neighbors, for intriguing articles, and for so much more.

Our vision is to provide a close-up view of Darien, Rowayton, and
surrounding areas. Perhaps you’ll agree with us that we live in
a fantastic microcosm. Our community and our neighbors are
fascinating and worldly, as well as steadfast and quirky. We are
tapping into what makes this area... and this micro-culture raw, as
well as remarkable.


Sound Watch News is made possible by our advertisers, and
we want to engage on a deep level with all of our advertising
partners. We want to understand your business; what is going
well, what keeps you up at night, and how we can help. Our early
emphasis is going to be on our print version, and we will follow
on with our digital footprint. We want to be a resource for our
advertising partners. 


We are the “new kids on the block.” Well, kind of. We grew up in
Darien, have lived in Rowayton for 15 years on average, and have run a similar successful magazine in Florida for the last 12 years.

Sound Watch News

is the newest sister magazine to that successful venture.
We love this town and want to create a publication for everyone. We
want your input. We want to hear your opinions. We will be including cutting edge commentary from our local politicians and leaders. We will lend recommendations for what’s hot on TV, movies, restaurants, recipes. So spend some time flipping through our pages. Read our articles. Save the magazine on your coffee table for the night you want a restaurant recommendation. Let our articles inspire you or trigger a need to respond. Bring it.... we want to hear what you have to say. If you have a topic you are passionate about, reach out…we may ask you to write it with us.


Please support our advertisers and if you own or know of a business that you think should advertise with us, let us know at

We grow as a community when we support our own. Thank
you for reading our magazine.

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